Monday, May 18, 2009

New York: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour

The M1 bus ride down Fifth Avenue on Saturday went much more quickly than the one on Friday, the traffic being much less. But there were still lots of people out on the streets and from what I saw, the recession isn't a problem with shoppers in NYC! (Photo: line to purchase tickets for Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island tour) Isis had reserved tickets for noon; unfortunately, we were still on the bus headed toward Battery Park at noon; fortunately, tickets would be held for us for the next boat trip out to the island. When we arrived at the park Isis was able to go right into the reserved tickets line and get our tickets for the next boat. That was a good thing, as the line to buy tickets was VERY long! (Photo: On the boat - that's Michelle, Isis and me with my back to the camera) Between about 1 and 5:30 p.m. we were on the boat, on the island that houses the Statue of Liberty, on the boat, on Ellis Island, on the boat, back in Battery Park, and then back on the bus. Because of various events being held around the city, the M6 bus (which we caught to take us back up 6th Avenue to Midtown) was detoured to 8th Avenue. Earlier we had planned to go see "Angels and Demons" at a movie theatre on 8th Avenue and 42nd Street, so with the bus detour we decided to jump off at 42nd Street rather than going back to the hotel first and then coming back down to 42nd Street later in the evening to see the movie. First we stopped in the multiplex to get tickets for the show, and then we looked for a place to eat a leisurely supper. We settled on Appleby's just a few steps away.(Photo: One of my photos of the Statue of Liberty. I have to say, she certainly is very impressive close up!) Soon it was time for the movie. The movie theatre we were in was very large and the seats were roomy and comfortable. The place was packed. Several screens in the multiplex were also showing "Angels and Demons" and I wondered if they were as packed as our theatre was! It didnt look like there were many empty seats. I won't reveal the details of the movie. I enjoyed it, I thought it was very good. Mr. Don wasn't so thrilled with it as I was, but regardless, the movie is certainly filled with action from nearly the first moments and has some interesting twists and turns. It was a REALLY long day. The streets were packed with people at 10:30 p.m. It was a madhouse on Broadway and on 7th Avenue, wall to wall people. Mr. Don and I detoured down to 6th Avenue and managed to walk the mile or so back to the hotel in about 30 minutes. Then it was time to download the photos from our digital cards. These are photos from Saturday.

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