Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9 Queens - Upcoming Events!

That fabulous organization, 9 Queens, which teaches femmes and hommes of all ages skills needed to enable them to get control of their lives through learning the skills that chess teaches us, has some upcoming events: Tucson, Arizona Ladies of Tucson…get ready for the next 9 Queens Chess Academy! When: November, 15 from 2-4 pm Where: The Bookmans Low Lounge of Sahuaro Girl Scout Resorce Center (located at the corner of Broadway and Columbus). Don’t know how to play chess? Come and learn the rules and how the pieces move in a fun, non-competitive environment. Already know the rules and how to play? Learn new tactics and strategies to improve your game. Meet other female chess players in Tucson and join the growing community of Tucson chess queens. Many thanks to Bookmans and the Sahuaro Girl Scout Council for their continued support of 9 Queens and our chess programs for women and girls. For more information email Jean Hoffman. This free chess workshop is exclusively for women and girls of all ages and abilities.
Tucson, Arizona 9 Queens and Kings Southside Library Tournament When: November 21 from 10-4 pm, 9 Queens Where: Valencia Public Library, 202 West Valencia Road The Pima County Public Library and 9 Queens host the 9 Queens and Kings Southside Library Tournament. This free chess tournament is open to chess players of all ages, and is a perfect first tournament for anyone new to the game. For more information please email Jean Hoffman.

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