Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Hola darlings! I am in a whirlwind of activity. On Sunday I will be in Chicago from practically dawn to well after dusk helping Shira Evans with the SOS Childrens Village Computer Labs project -- and so everything must get done tonight and tomorrow. Raked tonight, clean-up is next, I've got meetings scheduled with two brokers tomorrow because I decided to investigate selling this place and benefit from the $6,500 credit if I can ink a deal by 4/30/10 and close by 6/30/10 and hopefully put away a tidy sum in doing so by downsizing; on Monday I've got a painter coming to do the upstairs bath and big bedroom. I have much to do to get ready for the painter! Carpets and furniture being cleaned next weekend in preparation for Mr. Don's Christmas visit. I must schedule estimates for quotes on painting the great room, which soars two stories tall and I assume will take a crew working on scaffolding just to get paint on, and that's after some minor drywall repairs are done first. Whew! I also have miscellaneous repairs (such as doggy-chewed drywall from many years ago on the basement steps that I never repaired or replaced) to be completed. The huge old mirror in the bathroom is GOING! I'm getting a framed oval mirror that will match the finish of the new light fixture I had installed in the spring. I've finally decided to have a new floor put in the upstairs bath too - got to talk to the handyman about that. I expect the place will look so great when I'm finished I won't want to put it on the market after all :) Today is Friday the 13th, the Day of the Goddess. It was probably not a coincidence that the very first time I set eyes on my sister-of-the-heart, Isis, was on Friday, August 13, 1999, in Las Vegas when I flew in to watch the FIDE Knock-Out World Chess Championship at Caesar's Palace. Here's an old post from The Goddesschess Weave that Isis did way back when! Georgia Albert - 08:33am Jul 11, 1999 MST (#1086 of 1107) Reminder: We will be having a meeting at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, August 13th, 1999, 8 PM. For further information please E-Mail me or Jan for details. Remember more the merrier. LOVE G May Manna Always be with You. It was the first time Isis and I met face to face, and the first time I'd been to Vegas since 1983. I may as well have travelled to Mars, it was that changed. I didn't recognize a single thing! I arrived the morning of Friday, August 13, 1999. I had a wonderful time there with Isis and Michelle, and watched many games of the FIDE Knock-Out World Chess Championship at Caesar's Palace while I was there (and got a sore butt doing so. Almost all of the games I watched went a full six hours). I did a whole series of posts covering that World Championship which we incorporated into its own archive. I'd intended this post to be a sort of review of some of the posts we did in The Weave at Goddesschess about the number 13 and the history of Friday the 13th (i.e., why some cultures consider it an unlucky day while others consider it fortuitous), but I'm too tired now to do it. I wish I was 33 again :)

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