Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Litle Bit of Chess Femme News

The New York Times Leaving a Bank for a Foundation Proved Rewarding November 11, 2009 Why would investment banker Marley Kaplan, who was pulling down big bucks in the early 1990's, go to work for a mere $25,000 a year at a non-profit? Read about The American Chess Foundation - now known as Chess-in-the-Schools - and the volunteers and financial supporters who make it tick. Great article! The Brownsville Herald Local chess story seeks national audience November 7, 2009 A documentary about the chess triumphs of predominantly Latino students in Brownsville, Texas, is in the works, along with a feature film! Both sound like winners to me. Chesslife Online Abby Marshall Previews the World Youth By Abby Marshall November 11, 2009 Denker winner Marshall (first female to win the title, but not the last) is going for the Gold in her age group. I'm trying to picture a 7-year old chess femme she mentioned meeting who has a 1700 rating - and here I am, having played chess off and on for 40 years, puttering around in the unrated 800-900s! Truly scary stuff! Article from No board-om here; girls excel at playing chess By MOIRA E. MCLAUGHLIN The Washington Post November 10, 2009 12:00 AM A first-ever girls-only tournament was a great success! The ladies say MORE MORE MORE! (Hosted by the U.S. Chess Center, serving Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia)

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