Sunday, January 23, 2011


A stupid play by Tramon Williams to grab the ball on the Bears' punt put us in jeopardy when he fumbled the ball but another Packers player fortunately bounced on the ball - and the whole thing was rendered moot by a Bears penalty called upfield.  So, it's the Packers' ball.

2:59 to go Third Quarter.  Ball handed off to John Koon for 2.

2nd and 8.  Brandon Jackson goes nowhere and gets hit in the backfield for a loss of 5, Urlacher makes the play.  Well, we have to give the Bears something.

Rodgers throws under pressure, incomplete.  4th down.  Rodgers is pissed off at the execution by his players.

Hester catches the ball in relatively good position and had room to roam, but his own man had to run into him.  Unfortunately, Packers had an inelligible man down field and was penalized 5 yard and have to kick again.  SONOFAGODDESS!

Okay guys, suck it up. 

Wow, a nice punt - Earl Bennett for the Bears runs it back for 21 yards.

Bears player gets a first down, runs for 11 yards - didn't catch his name, sorry.  It's now about on the 44 Bears ard line.  Forte runs the ball for a gain of 4.  END OF THIRD QUARTER.


Forte picks up a first down after an 8 yard run.  Oh my Goddess - Collins is now out as substitute Bears quarterback and someone named Caleb Haney is now in????  Is that right? 

Forte gets 11 on the ground for another first down.  Ball sacked behind the line of scrimmage.

Haney throws and completes to Johnny Knox at the 1 - he was forced out of bounds.

First and Goal Chicago, TD Chester Taylor running the ball.

Green Bay 14 - Bears 7

12:35 left in the 4th.  The Bears fans are making noise again, after having been remarkably quiet during the third quarter. 

So - will the Packers try to keep it on the ground to run up time, or go for the quick score?????  I say - quick score.  But I don't know nothink!

Commercial break --

James Starks catches the punt and runs it out to the 24.  Packers ball.

Starks running the ball.  No gain. 

Rodgers throws way down field - incomplete - but a roughing the passer penalty is called agianst Peppers and we get 15 yards and first down.  DIRTY PLAY DIRTY PLAY DIRTY PLAY!

And now a bullshit call against the Packers, just to show that the refs are "balanced" - called the 5 yards false start against the Packers.

Penalty flag called against Chicago against 46 on a pass play to Donald Driver.  Automatic first down.  You betcha!

At the Packers 48.  Pass dropped off to Koon, who takes the ball to the Bears 45.  2nd and 4 Packers.

Starks on the ground picks up 2.  Third down and 2. 

Incomplete pass to Quarless #81.  Packers have to punt.

Packers down the ball inside the 5 - nice!  Oh - the bullshit is going on now - the officials are saying it's a touchback.  Yeah, right.  I've seen the replay 3 times already.

9:19 to go in the 4th and it will be Bears' ball on the return from commercial break.  And I'm going to sit back and watch the rest of the game.

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