Sunday, January 23, 2011

NFC Championship 3rd Quarter - Packers have the ball...

James Starks runs for 9, but a penalty flag is down.  Oh shit, holding against Scott Wells, our Center, for 10 yards.  Damn!

Now it's 1st and 20 at the 17...

Pass complete for only a yard to Jennings.  Jennings makes a big first down catch on second down of 22 yards!  GO PACK GO!

We're now about our own 34 - James Starks picks up a yard after a lot of spinning.  Time off the clock.

Second and 8 - oh oh - penalty called against Green Bay - holding.  Against Chad Clifton (76).  Rodgers didn't have anywhere to go anyway.  Now 2nd and 18.

Pass complete to Jordy Nelson for 10.  Third and long at about the 36 --

Rodgers pressured, Rodgers dodges sacks - but has to throw the ball away.  Packers punt.  Hester catches the ball at about the 22 but he slips and goes down.  So much for the National Football League declaring that Soldiers' Field was PLAY READY.  YEAH, RIGHT.  In this case, it helped Packers.


Taking a break for a bit --

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