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68th Georgian Women's Chess Championship

From Georgia Today

Steady Lomineishvili wins Georgian Woman’s Chess Championship
28 January 2011
Alastair Watt

Maia Lomineishvili produced a late charge to overtake early pace-setter Nino Khurtsidze and claim the coveted honour of Georgian Women’s Chess Champion of 2011.

The 68th Georgian Women’s Chess Championships were held in Ankalia in western Georgia from January 10 and Lomineishvili was crowned champion after the final round on January 23.

After round 9, Lomineishvili found herself just behind Khurtsidze and on level points with Bela Khotenashvili. With four rounds remaining, and with all three genuine contenders to the title separated by only half a point, it promised to be a tense finale.

In round 10, the leading Khurtsidze began to falter as she was held to a draw by Salome Melia while the chasing Khotenashvili yielded the same result in her match with Sopiko Khukhashvili.

Lomineishvili took full advantage of her stuttering rivals as she defeated Meri Abaridze to catapult herself into first place and she would not lose her grip on top spot.

Having said that, Lomineishvili was held to a draw in round 11 by Melia but Khotenashvili could only manage a draw with Nazi Paikidze and Khurtsidze continued to slide out of contention as she suffered defeat at the hand of Miranda Mikadze.

Khurtsidze was not due to play in round 12 thus her challenge was effectively over when Lomineishvili and Khotenashvili both emerged victorious from their encounters in the penultimate round.

With one round remaining, Lomineishvili lead Khotenashvili by half a point and knew that even a draw in her final match with Khurtsidze would clinch the national title.

Khotenashvili did all she could in round 13, beating Mariam Danelia, but Lomineishvili kept her cool to earn a share of the points with 3rd-placed Khurtsidze thereby securing first place and the esteemed title of Georgian Women’s Chess Champion.

68th ch-GEO w Anaklia GEO Mon 10th Jan 2011 - Sun 23rd Jan 2011. Category: 6. Ave: (2377)
1Lomineishvili, MaiaIMGEO2345#1=1===01=1118.52537
2Khotenashvili, BelaIMGEO24400#===1=1=11118.52530
3Khurtsidze, NinoIMGEO2436==#11=10==0=172429
4Purtseladze, MakaIMGEO23230=0#===1111==72438
5Javakhishvili, LelaIMGEO2438==0=#=11=0=1=6.52401
6Melia, SalomeIMGEO2449=0===#=1=10=16.52400
7Khukhashvili, SopikoIMGEO2437==0=0=#101=105.52343
8Nikoladze, SopioWIMGEO22541010000#0=1115.52358
9Paikidze, NaziWGMGEO24550==0==11#=00=52313
10Batsiashvili, NinoWGMGEO2396=0=0100==#1==52318
11Mikadze, MirandaWIMGEO23620010=1=010#==52321
12Danelia, MariamWIMGEO224800==0=001==#14.52301
13Arabidze, MeriWIMGEO2315000==010===0#3.52224

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