Sunday, January 23, 2011

Packers at Their Own 17...

Jennings missed the pass, but he was blocked out.  2nd and 10 Pack at their own 17.

A gain of 2, it will be 3rd and 8 for the Pack.  The Bears fans are trying to make some noise now.  BUT JORDY NELSON MAKES A 22 YARD CATCH ON 3RD DOWN - GOOD TO MOVE US INTO BEARS TERRITORY, ABOUT THE 50.


Rodgers now hits Jennings for another first down at about the 40.

Starks running the ball for 9 - short of the first down but close, very close.  GO PACK GO.  GO PACK GO.

Starks gets stuffed behind the line of scrimmage, third and short.  Oh oh - Rodgers threw down the field to James Jones - PASS INTERFERENCE CALLED as 26 Bears Jennings grabs Jones' left arm.  AUTOMATIC FIRST DOWN inside the 10!

Wow, 23 yard penalty.   First and goal.

Starks runs the ball for 2.  Incomplete pass to drive deep in the endzone - the ball was overthrown and Driver was too close to the line, even if hehad come down with the ball he probably would have been out of bounds. 

Oh shit, on third and goal Rodgers threw a pass that was intercepted by Urlacher.  Rodgers tackled him at the Bears 45.

Todd Collins, Bears substitute, replaces Cutler.  Jake Cutler is out with a knee injury.

Collins' first pass is incomplete.  False start called on #68 for five yards on the Bears.  Collins is hit on his throw, it's now 3rd and 15 and Bears fans are booing.  BOOING - the dirty rotten assholes - booing their own players when they should be standing up cheering --

Packers' Nick Collins appears to have intercepted Collins' pass on third down, but the ball appears to have been picked off the ground.  It's ruled an interception, and Lovey Smith is challenging the call.  It's now a commercial break and I'm getting another glass of wine --


After review, pass was incomplete and hit the ground, no interception, it's 4th and 15th for the Bears.

They have elected - wisely - to punt.

Tramon Williams waits for the punt in the backfield.  Garrett Wolf taps the ball inside the 20.  PACKERS BALL.

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