Sunday, January 23, 2011


Packers ball - Rodgers had to take a time out because of play clock and crowd noise and confusion on the field.  Packers have over 200 yards in offense not quite first half.  Fourth down - Starks was not able to make the down and Packers have elected to punt.  The ball landed deep in Bears territory but bounced back and ended up downed at the 11 yard line.

Still a lot of time to go in the first half:  5:02 minutes.  I have my toes, eyes, arms, and most of my fingers crossed (except those needed to type) against the Bears scoring anything in this half.  It is important the Packers go into the half with a big lead, cuz you know the Bears will come out in the second half all re-charged. 

Ah shit, Tremon Williams just got called for a holding penalty and give the Bears, who weren't doing jack shit after 2nd down, an automatic first down.  Booo hiissss boooo. 

Cutler put the ball up for grabs and Clay Matthews of the Packers nearly had an interception - but Greg Olson knocked the ball away (which was meant for him).    Now, running the ball, Forte gets 13 yards for a first down.  Trying the run again, Forte is knocked down with next to no gain.  Yep, it's second and 10.

Meanwhile, time is ticking away - just checked and it's 3:59 to go in the first half.  Forte just gained some yardage after a short pass.  A.J. Hawk for the Pack is getting the guys revved up...

Third and seven coming up for Chicago and it's the 2 minute warning - time to go pee...

I have relocated to the Toshiba laptop downstairs in the kitchen-dinette.  The floor seems to be more sound here.  It was making ominous creaking noises upstairs but after so much jumping up and down I'm sure I've damaged the joists, particularly since I haven't been able to lose these last 5 pounds.

WOOOOHHHHHAAAAA!  Packers just made a really BIG PLAY!  Cutler was stripped of the ball and the play is marked dead within about the 15 yard line of the Bears.  Punt ---- ball hops out of bounds about the 40?

Packers ball!  Now we'll see Rodgers and the Pack going into their minute drill.

Packers have the ball on about the 30, Rodgers looks to pass but no one is open, he runs AGAIN with the ball and no one is covering him!  He picks up an easy 12 yards and a first down!

Packers have 1 time out left.  Rodgers missed a pass, it's 2nd and 10.  Donald Driver picks up his first pass for 9 yards and we're close to a first down.  Rodgers takes the ball over the line himself.  First down!

Oh shit - Donald Driver loses the ball and it's intercepted - but I tell you, that ball was DOWN.  That's a bullshit call, Packers should have challenged.

But they probably figure it's not worth it, this close to the half. 


Oh - and now those assholes are reviewing the interception.  Gee, good sportsmanship, Bears.  I predict - the call will not be overturned, unless they're seeing something that is not being shown to us on television...

CALL IS NOT OVERTURNED.  One announcer said he thought the call should have been overturned because the ball held by Shields "moved" as he hit the grounds.  Yeah, right - watch the replay over again, and get some glasses, dude.

HALF TIME! Packers 14 - Bears ZERO. 

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