Sunday, January 23, 2011

GO PACK GO!!! Countdown to NFC Championship Game Time!!!

Packers fans tailgate outside Soldiers Field before game time - from
Milwaukee/Journal Sentinel online game coverage.
I treked to the Pick n' Save which was, of course, absolutely mobbed, about 10:30 a.m.  The weather was cold but clear - now, however, we are getting some lake-effect snow, as has Soldiers Field 90 miles to the south in Chicago.  It's light fluffy stuff and there is no wind to speak of; temperature here in Milwaukee is about 15 degrees F but with the calm winds it's quite pleasant outside; I actually was overdressed on my trek to the store and especially back hauling two bags of groceries!  Chicago game time is supposed to be about 20 degrees F - perfect football weather.

As I was going through my pre-game shopping checklist and stopped in the liquor department for my must-have wine, I noted several shoppers with a cart FULL of beer, booze and wine.  BIG parties are obviously planned - I had to laugh.  Me, I'm watching the game by myself so I can hoot and holler and curse at the t.v. without restraint.

Pre-game Checklist:

1.  TV works - check.
2.  Back-up TV works - check.
3.  Radio works - check.
4.  Back-up radio works - check.
5.  Stocked up on cheap wine - check.
6.  Snacks - check.
7.  Badger baked ham - check.  Badger baked ham is the BEST and it is NEVER on sale.  The Patrick Cudahy ham tastes like crap and is ALWAYS on sale - $2 a pound less.  Silly people were buying the Patirck Cudahy ham - they will be sorry...
8.  Rye bread - check.
9.  Bread spread - check.
10.  Swiss cheese - check.
11.  Cucumber salad - check.  It's expensive - I only splurge on special occasions - and this is a premiere special occasion!

In honor of the day I thawed out the "chocolate lovers' chocolate cake" that Sis sent to me as part of my Omaha Steaks gift pack - YUM!  I couldn't resist - I had two pices this morning for breakfast with my one cup of coffee for the day and munched with delight while I read the Sunday Journal/Sentinel.  Tonight to celebrate a Packers win I have filet mignon, fresh green peas and apple tartlets for dessert.  DOUBLE YUM!

I just checked the latest line on betting Packers-Bears - not that I understand how all this works, but it appears at the moment that the Packers are favored by a point spread of 3.5 to 4 points.  Everyone is anticipating a hard-fought, close game.  I hope my heart can stand it.

I'm wearing my lucky Packers 1996 NFC Champions sweatshirt, along with my magic gold beads - which only come out on very special occasions (the sweatshirt still looks brand new, but I have to say it has gotten smaller over the years - I will still a babe in 1996 and had a babe's shape back then - now I'm fighting off grandma bushka mode.  I'm set!

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