Monday, January 7, 2008

Evil Killers Become Prison Chess Pals

The only thing scarier than the thought of these guys playing chess all hours of the day and night is the fact that this is a true story - I couldn't make something like this up if I tried. From the Daily Jan 7 2008 By Amy Devine TWO of Scotland's worst killers have struck up a bizarre jail friendship over games of chess. Kriss Donald murderer Zeeshan "Crazy" Shahid and Marmion pub assassin Jamie Bain are close pals in the segregation unit of Glenochil prison. The evil pair keep their fellow jailbirds awake at night by shouting chess moves to each other through the walls of their cells. Bain, 23, also became best buddies with Crazy's sadistic brother, Imran "Baldy" Shahid, in Edinburgh's Saughton jail last year. And after the baby-faced gunman was transferred to Glenochil, near Alloa, he quickly found he had alot in common with Crazy. A jail insider told the Record: "Bain and Crazy are very friendly indeed.When they aren't locked in their cells they spend all their time at their doors talking. "They both have chess boards and spend hours and hours playing. They try to outwit each other with never-ending games. "They even shout out moves to each other at night, and the other cons have to play music on their radios to block out the noise and get some sleep." Bain clearly is not choosy about the company he keeps. The Record told last March how he became close to Baldy Shahid in Saughton even though no other cons would talk to him. A source said: "Baldy has nobody so he's chummy with Bain." Bain and Baldy whiled away their time trying to outdo each other with tales of the crimes they had committed. The source said: "The two of them have bodies piled up everywhere, the amount of folk they're supposed to have killed." Baldy, 30, and Crazy, 29, were caged in 2006 for the horrific racist murder of 15-year-old Kriss Donald in Glasgow. A gang led by Baldy snatched the nine-stone schoolboy off the street in Glasgow simply because he was white. As the thugs bundled Kriss into their car, he screamed: "I'm only 15! I'm only 15! What did I do?" The gang drove Kriss around Scotland for four hours before stabbing him 13 times and setting him on fire while he was still alive. Baldy, Crazy and a third gang member, Mohammed "Becks" Mushtaq,28, fled to Pakistan after the murder and spent more than a year on the run. Pakistani police tracked them down and they were flown back to Scotland, where they were convicted of racially aggravated murder. Judge Lord Uist told them they had carried out "a pre-meditated, cold-blooded execution" and had shown no remorse. Baldy was caged for 25 years, Crazy got 23 years and Becks was told he will serve at least 22 years. Cold-blooded Bain walked into the Marmion bar in Edinburgh with a sawn-off shotgun in 2006 and blasted former boxing champ Alex McKinnon to death. Bain also shot Alex's brother-inlaw James Hendry, who survived because his body fat stopped the shotgun pellets. The attack came after a yearlong feud between Bain and the family of his girlfriend Dionne Hendry, who is James's sister. Bain, a small-time crook in the Gracemount area of the capital, had beaten up Dionne and feared he would be attacked in revenge. He was high on cocaine at the time of the shootings and hid his face behind a horror moviestyle hockey mask. Alex, a former Scottish bantamweight champ, left a wife and a young daughter. Dionne, the mother of Bain's two children, stood by him after the shootings. Bain was sentenced to a minimum of 22 years but has been given leave to appeal. His accomplices, Richard Cosgrove, 21, and Ben Young, 19, got 20 and 19 years respectively. The Scottish Prison Service refused to discuss Bain's friendships, saying: "We do not comment on individual prisoners."


kim bain said...

Do you still believe everything you read in the papers ? Jamie does not associate with these people but, it sells stories, so who cares if its untrue ? Me, im Jamies mum and all these stories are a lot of rubbish. I am getting sick and tired of these people making money off my sons name. I will tell you any answer you want, but i want you to print the truth...Kim Bain

Jan said...

Dear Ms. Bain,

You are the mother of a young man who killed two people because he had a hissy fit about a girl friend he beat the shit out of on a regular basis. No way to gloss over that - we're not talking David and Goliath here or a 'mission from God.'

Are there people actually making money off the fact that your son is a convicted murderer? Are you objecting to that fact - or are you objecting that you aren't getting a cut of the action?

I published this article because of the chess angle. Murderers can have good chess minds. Too bad they didn't put those skills to better use than wiping out other people's lives.

kim bain said...

For a start, you just said two people. You cant even get that right. James Hendry is not even Dionnes brother, thats how much the papers know. Did you read the part that Dionne stood in the witness box and said. "Jamie has never hit me before, this has all been exaggerated, Jamie was an excellent provider and Father." The stories in the paper were all exaggerated for more sales, and how dare you even try and say that i am objecting due to me not getting a cut. I have been offered massive amounts of money to sell my story. I have never done it and i never will, due to the fact that if you keep reading the papers you will soon find out that Jamie and 1 other co-accused Ben Young were set up by corrupt police and lawyers have found false statements. Altered CCTV images amongst other things. I truly hope that one day you do not get a knock on your door or a phone call that rips your heart out and takes your life from you,i really don't, even though you have been nasty to me and about my son. But of course, in your world police don't lie and papers tell the truth. By the way are you thinking of selling this story to the papers ?
P.S You are right about 1 thing though, Jamie has a brilliant mind. He is one of the most intelligent people i know, and I'm not just saying that coz hes my son

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