Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Asian Youth Chess Championships

August 2 - 9, 2009, New Delhi, India: Over 235 players from 14 countries, including India, are vying for honors in six age groups at the ONGC Asian Youth Chess Championships. The competition is being hosted by the Delhi Chess Association at 'Tivoli Garden Resort' in Under-8, U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16 and U-18 categories separately for boys and girls. Vietnam, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bhutan, UAE, Indonesia and Mongolia have confirmed their participation. As always, the Indian press is eagerly reporting on events featuring their players (unlike the U.S. press, sad to say). Here is an article from The Times of India on July 30th (excerpted): The strong Indian squad with 65 players is expected to reap a big harvest from the event that offers 36 medals. In the last edition at Tehran, India won 6 gold, 5 silver and 10 bronze. The Indian Challenge will be spearheaded by World Under-14 Champion Vidit Gujarathi and World Under-12 Champion Sayantan Das. Grandmaster Salem A R Saleh of UAE who won Under-16 category in last edition will start as favourite in Under-18 category this year. The emphasis in this coverage is on the Indian players - as it should be. I don't understand American sports reporters (1) failing to report on such events and (2) if they do report on such events, failing to highlight improvements in American players' relative performances [that perhaps don't finish in medals or top money] from prior performances. Deciding that there is nothing to report because an American player (how egotisc) did not win a medal or even finish in the top 1o - or top 100 - is baloney! The lack of press coverage is a slap in the face to every chessplayer in the USA, including the memory of GM Robert J. Fischer, who was the last American World Chess Champion (1972-1975). We have excellent chessplayers in this country. WE HAVE A CROP OF VERY PROMISING YOUNG CHESSPLAYERS IN THIS COUNTRY. Why does almost everybody ignore them? ARGGGHHHH! Anyway, here is a press report from the Indian press earlier today (I haven't had time to check for updates) about how some of the Indian players doing after Round 3 from The Press Trust of India: STAFF WRITER 17:33 HRS IST New Delhi, Aug 4 (PTI) Tamil Nadu teenager Pon N Krithika beat her statemate P Uthra to emerge as the sole leader with a perfect score after three rounds of the Girls Under-18 section in the ongoing Asian Youth Chess Championship here today.In the Open section of U-18 category, P Shyam Nikil beat Ulziibayar Boldbaatar of Mongolia in the third round to share the lead with Grandmaster Salem A R Saleh of UAE with three points, who beat Indian medal prospect Debashis Das in a well fought third round match.But the shocking incident of the day was the non-appearance of top seed and former World Under-10 Champion Girish Koushik for his third round match against teammate Diptyan Ghosh as he failed to report for the match in time. HOLY CRAP! One of the young Indian players has run-afoul of that really STUPID new FIDE rule about being at the table "on time." This is a huge event. I can't keep up with reporting round by round, but I'll try to publish any reports on interim standings I do find, even if they are only about the Indian players :)

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