Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shira Chess Challenge: Training Update!

Ohmygoddess, I'm exhausted, darlings! I have four chess training games currently going on. One of those games is with Chessdaddy, our first training game - barely started. That man is mean! MEAN! Ah, the first move of the Petrov defense... You MUST memorize some opening lines otherwise you'll never stand a chance of getting to a middle game, let alone an end game... Do you want to lose... The Petrov allows you to equalize taking each other's pawns and clearing out the center of the board, but THAT move was off-book. It is a mistake...(I only took the fricking pawn and he moves his Queen out like her shit doesn't stink. Read my lips - I'm not scared.) He paid no attention to my tentative opening comments, I made this move because of this (x-y-z). We're up to like four moves? And I thought I was the one who had watched "Searching for Bobby Fischer" too many times! OY! I think Chessdaddy is a BAD teacher. His approach is to to attempt to beat me down into nothingness (as dramatized by the Bruce Pandolfini character in the movie relentlessly beating down the Josh Waitzkin character) and then he'll try to recreate me out of whatever ashes are left. I tell ya, Chessdaddy, THAT AIN'T GONNA WORK ON THIS CHESS CHICK. I'm thinking now I am going to throw this game and then fire Chessdaddy's butt once and for all for yelling at me. Mean Chessdaddy, MEAN!

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