Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ancient American Magazine

Ancient American has a new issue available, Volume 12, Issue Number 76: Feature Article Tomb of the Embarras: Excavation Has Begun Secret Among the Trees Darrick Dean Ancient Stone Faces of New Port Richey Florida Archie Eschborn Crystal Pyramid Found in Wisconsin's Rock Lake Frank Joseph The Legendary Azgens: A White People in Prehistoric Kentucky William D. Conner Preserving Wisconsin Mounds Frank Arial Flower Giants of the Ancient Ohio Valley Ross Hamilton The Discovery of Three Continents (2300 B.C.) Dr. R. M. de Jonge Crossing the Labrador Sea (1600 B.C.) Dr. R. M. de Jonge & J.S. Wakefield Letters to the Editor A Cry of Outrage: A Friend of the Serpent Mound Oxford University News Release Spruce Hill News Epigraphy: Burrows Cave Script David Grant Stewart, Sr. Senate Bill Could Return Kennewick Man Bones to Native Tribes Annette Cary A.A.A.P.F. Conference Report Tomb of the Embarras: Excavation has Begun Columns Revealed: America's Oldest Painted Temple Letters to the Editor Answers from Antiquity Colette Thomas Smith A 1 year subscription (US) is $32.95 (6 issues), 2 years (12 issues) is $59.95. I don't have a subscription but I have purchased some back issues containing items I have an interest in, and the quality of the magazine is great - this isn't some hack cranking out junk on a mimeograph machine! A few items, though, were photocopies because all back issues had been sold out. This has also happened to me, though, when ordering back articles and/or issues of Biblical Archaeology Review, so it's probably not unusual.

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