Friday, February 26, 2010

Computer Labs for Kids: Los Angeles February 6, 2010 Video Report!

Received an update video report from Shira Evans on the project at United Care in Los Angeles in which twenty kids in foster care received their very own laptops and the training to take care of them and use them (Photo: kids and their technical assitants during the program):

United Care Project Success!

Hello Computer Labs for Kids fans!

I am happy to report our successful completion of our first Computer Labs for Kids course at United Care on February 6th.

Twenty foster children were overjoyed to receive their laptops and had a wonderful time thanks to the help of our volunteers.

I've like to invite each of you to see our newly released YouTube video of this project. Click here.

Also you can view photos by following this link. Click here.

Next up Texas! Our next program will be at Buckner Children's Services on March 20th in Dallas, TX.

Thank you for following along. I wish you all a beautiful day and the best in your successes. Feel free to email me back. I love to hear from you!


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