Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seventh Annual All Girls National Chess Championships

This year, the All Girls Nationals sponsored by the Kasparov Chess Foundation is being run at the same time as the USCF High School Nationals.  What if a girl wants to play in the High School Nationals, but would also like to participate in the All-Girls event.  Guess she is out of luck, she willl have to choose one or the other.  Nice way to diminish the impact of the All Girls Nationals.  This sucks big time.

Who arranged this scheduling disaster?  It seems as if the All Girls Nationals are being given neither credence nor importance.  Should I be sad - or incensed.  Or both!  Did the Kasparov Chess Foundation know about this doubled-up scheduling ahead of time?  I wonder...  Here is the November, 2009 announcement from the USCF website - it doesn't say a word about the All Girls Nationals being held in tandem with the High School Nationals!  Hmm...

Regardless of the asinine scheduling and whatever equally asinine chess politics may be involved behind USCF's scheduling, the Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation continues to serve its constituency to the best of its ability, and will once again be offering lodging and running buses to the U.S. High School Nationals - and now, to the All Girls National too.  Here is some info from the WSCF's February, 2010 newsletter.  For further details, please visit the WSCF website.

Trip to National Tournaments

This year two national tournaments will be held on the same site at the same time. The USCF High School Nationals and the All Girls Nationals. For complete information and registration to both tournaments please go to the USCF website at http://www.uschess.org/. Both tournaments are April 16 to the 18. Once again WSCF is offering a bus tour and lodging for the events. Below is the itineray and sign up sheets. You can also find this same document on the WSCF website under "Info" for both of these tournaments.

Trip Itinerary

Thursday April 15 7:00 am Leave Brown Deer Park & Ride, Brown Deer.
8:00 am Leave Holt Park & Ride, South Side
4:00 pm Arrival at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Columbus
5:00 pm Blitz Tournament

Friday April 16 1:00 pm Round One
7:00 pm Round Two

Saturday April 17 9:00 am Round Three
2:00 pm Round Four
7:00 pm Round Five

Sunday April 18 9:00 am Round Six
2:00 pm Round Seven
7:00 pm Award Ceremony
8:00 pm Depart for Wisconsin

Monday April 19 4:00 am Arrive at Holt Park & Ride
5:00 am Arrive at Brown Deer Park & Ride

Registration and Deadline: March 23

All registrations must be made by mail and postmarked by March 23.

1/4 Occupancy + 1 Bus Seat (both ways) $235
1/3 Occupancy + 1 Bus Seat $270
1/2 Occupancy + 1 Bus Seat $345
Single Occupancy + 1 Bus Seat $570

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