Thursday, February 25, 2010

REALLY Bad Hair Day

So I go to my hairdresser for my regular appointment and we agree that the length of my hair wasn't right.  We discuss a blunt cut, shorter.  So what does she do?  She chops off the sides and leaves the back way too long relative to the length of the sides, plus the right side is longer than the left side.  She trimmed my bangs too - crooked.

I didn't realize any of this until I got home though, and took a good look at this haircut in the mirror.

So now I am really pissed off and in tears too.  This disaster has to be fixed.

Tonight is the ladies' figure-skating long program.  Yu-Na is expected to win the gold medal for South Korea (I do NOT like the baloney of calling the country simply "Korea" - it's South Koreans who are at the Olympics, not a unified North and South Korea, Goddess forbid that should ever happen, although I feel very sorry for the North Korean people.)  I do not like Asada's costume for the long program.  I am hoping for the best for Joannie Rochette but she has a history of inconsistency that may, unfortunately, come back to haunt her in the long program.  I hope I am wrong and that she has another strong, clean performance and finishes this Olympics with a medal.  I love Miki Ando's skating - she absolutely blew me away in the 2007 Worlds, but it seems the judges have something against her.  She was underscored in her short program relative to both Yu-Na and Asada.  Is it that the judges don't want two Japanese skaters on the podium at the same time and so Ando gets shafted?

The Americans - well, I'm very pleased that they are in 5th and 6th places.  I think they're very good, better than they were given credit for, and were underscored - or the top three were relatively overscored.  However, there's 1-2-3, and since it seems a foregone conclusion that it will be Yu-Na and Asada, that doesn't leave much room for that #3 spot when there are so many skaters who should win a bronze or be given more credit for their artistry and challenge for silver and the gold -- Rochette, Ando (I think she should have been scored in the #3 spot), Flatt (who, to her credit, sold her short program much better than at Nationals) and Nagasu.

So, I'm going to sign off and in-between bouts of crying about my hair and drinking lots of wine I'm going to be watching the women skate.

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