Monday, February 22, 2010

L'Bri Update

FREE FREE FREE!  If you're interested in ordering free samples of L'Bri products, you can do so here:

This is Liz the L'Bri Lady's website

This is the website of my sister, Yvonne, and niece-in-law (is that a word?), Rachel!  They became L'Bri consultants after experiencing the products for themselves. 

The "click here" for free samples button is top center on each website. These sites are not like those websites where you order a free sample of - whatever - and then automatically get charged every 30 to 60 days for a new "supply." You will, have to pay for shipping and Wisconsin sales tax, since this is a Wisconsin business. Check it out for yourself. 

Today at the office I took a few moments to give my skin the once-over under the harsh and unforgiving flourescent lights.  I've got six overheads plus an undershelf flourescent so my office is BRIGHT.  It might seem like overkill - particularly when I walk into some offices that are about as bright as Cro-Magnon caves - but it sure cuts down on eye strain.

I whipped out my compact and, with glasses on (can't see a thing close-up otherwise, these days) I gave my face the once-over.  Keeping in mind that I had make-up on (foundation, sheer powder just for shiny areas, pencil eyeliner and mascara), I have to say the skin is looking mighty good.  Improved even, since I wrote up my first report this past Saturday.  I really scrutinized it.  On the right side of my face, where a pesky zit is slowly healing, a wee bit of flaking skin.  I saw no flaking skin on the left side of my face, where an equally pesky zit is also slowsly healing. The skin on my chin which gives me horrid acne eruptions had a few bits of flaking skin here and there.  The under-skin bumps are still there, but diminished.  Overall I think my pores look better, so the promised improvement in skin texture may be starting.  Lo and behold, those "laugh lines" at the corners of my eyes have improved - I didn't think it was possible, but - not sure how to put this - they are still visible, of course, but they aren't as "deep" - not that they were like craters, LOL!  Definitely shallower (is that a word?)  I also zeroed in on that unfortunate crease across the top of my nose which appeared as if out of nowhere in 2003.  It's horizontal, not "frown lines" (which are vertical).  That too, looks better.  I was shocked by that!

Feather lines around my upper lip, can't say I see any change, but I haven't been using the Maxifirm there either until this morning.  I didn't know I was supposed to use it over my entire face 2x a day, I'd only been spot treating around my eyes and hit or miss the slight creases on either side of my mouth.  So, I'll see what that area looks like on my next report date, March 2nd. 

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