Saturday, February 16, 2008

Black History Month

February is Black History Month in the USA. While I was working on blog entries this afternoon, I was watching PBS and Burt Wolf's excellent program came on. I just love watching his shows. He's always entertaining and informative, and always tells me something I didn't know before. Who knew food had such an interesting history? Today's program, #110, was about the contributions of slaves from Africa to the cuisuine of the Americas and, particularly, the United States. I discovered that Burt Wolf has his own website. However, despite several tries, I was not able to get Program 110 to download in PDF format. However, if you enjoy fried chicken, water melon, sweet potato pie and just about anything Cajun, you are eating food from "the hand that stirred the pot" - mostly female African slaves who worked in the kitchens of their rich white "masters" in the Southern states of the USA, who did the cooking. Heh heh.

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