Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Special Chess Trainer from Russia

Hmmmm, how much money does a family have to be able to fork over 30,000 euros for a Russian chess trainer for one student? From Sabah English Edition February 14, 2008 A family in Izmir has brought in a special chess trainer from Russia for 30 thousand Euros a year. Russian trainer Nadyrhanov spends three weeks a month giving chess lessons to 18-year-old chess player Emre Can. Millions of children start taking chess lessons in elementary school and families bring trainers from Russia for a monthly payment of 3000 Euros.Chess became an elective class at elementary schools in 2005 and has increasingly become a sports field for the masses. As the number of masters in chess is limited, families have started to search for international trainers, especially from Russia and Azerbaijan. Eighteen-year-old Emre Can's family has hired Sergey Nadyrhanov as his chess trainer. Emre Can is national chess team player. Emre's family has only one wish: "seeing their son reach the top in this sport."

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