Sunday, June 21, 2009

Arianne Caoili Back in the News (in a good way)

Background articles at Goddesschess on WIM Caoili: Chess Prodigy Caoli Threatens to Relinquish Citizenship Inquirer News Service, April 14, 2001, Dennis U. Eroa (Posted at Goddesschess in 2002) The Tussle in Turin! June 10, 2006 By Jan Newton More: Queens to marketing pawns - sex sells everything Rachel Wells June 11, 2006 (Photo from this article) WIM Caoili is back in the news, this time in a positive feature article. She currently plays chess under the Australian flag, having switched her home base and her federation from the Philippines (I don't know when, but it was some time after I posted the Eroa article - see above - in 2002). Born in 1986, she is now 22-23 years old, and her current FIDE ELO is 2172. Her most recent event was in April, the Doeberl Cup Premier, where she finished with 4.5/7 (about the middle of the pack of a large group of players, including several chess femmes) and did well enough to gain 26 ELO points. However, she stated at the end of the article (following) that her focus in now on her studies and travelling, not chess. Chess Queen Arianne Caoili's Next Move By Greg Stolz June 22, 2009 12:00am AFTER something of a chequered past, Gold Coast chess queen Arianne Caoili is now making all the right moves, according to her old coach.

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