Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quebec Invitational 2009

IM Irina Krush is busy! Here is one of the events she will be playing in this summer: Championnat Invitation du Québec 2009 19-27 June 2009 Le Championnat Invitation du Québec (CIQ) will have an international flavor this year with the participation of foreign players. An agreement between the organizer of the Montreal International Tournament 2009 (TIM), Mr. André Langlois, CIQ will allow to qualify the first four classification for the TIM to be held from 27 August to 7 September 2009. The idea is to increase competition and the CIQ Quebec allow players to achieve standards [norms] of IM and GM. 10 player round robin Invited players Peng Xiaomin (GM, 2588) China; Mark Bluvshtein (GM, 2558) Canada; Anton Kovalyov (GM, 2556) Argentina-Canada; Bator Sambuev (GM, 2498) Russia-Canada; Thomas Roussel-Roozmon (MI, 2479) Canada; Irina Krush (MI, 2452) United States; Renier Castellanos (MI, 2446) Spain; Sylvain Barbeau (MF, 2357) Canada; François Léveillé (MF, 2261) Canada; + a player to be confirmed. Dates: 19-27 June 2009: Round 1 to 9 Venue: Olympic Stadium, 4545 Pierre de Coubertin (RLQ), métro Pie IX. The parties start at 17:30 every day. The top four qualify for the 2009 TIM. The best player in Quebec will receive the title of Champion of Quebec. To be considered Quebecois player, it must reside in Québec for at least a year depending on the start date of the tournament.

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