Sunday, May 24, 2009

U.S. Chess Federation Executive Board Election

I have received my June, 2009 edition of Chess Life magazine that contains the ballot for this year's Excutive Board election (it's contained on a white outer wrap that can be filled out, folded, taped and mailed to the auditing firm that will count the ballots). Four (4) seats are up for election this year, and eleven (11) candidates are running for those seats. This is an important election; the new EB members may determine in which direction the USCF will go for the next four years (all seats in this election are elected for four year terms). After some digging around at Chess Life Online, I was able to locate online archives of the 2009 magazines (link is to April, 2009). Unfortunately, I've had no success locating candidates' statements for April and May, despite what the June print edition of Chess Life says that such statements can be located in the April and May archives (for the web version) or go to "Downloadable Files" to download the .pdf versions of the print magazine. Couldn't find "Downloadable Files" either. Maybe I'm blind - I couldn't find them. Chess Life, can't you make this important information easier to locate and access online?? Since I subscribe to Chess Life magazine, I have the prior issues with the candidates' statements. Anyway, I urge all members of USCF who can vote to do so, the sooner the better. According to my print ballot, all members of USCF who will be 16 years of age or older by June 30th may vote in this election. If you're not happy with the candidates on the list, you can write in your own candidates, as long as they are current USCF members and you supply the person's name and USCF ID number. You vote for a candidate (write-in or otherwise) by checking the box next to his or her name. The four candidates who receive the most votes will win the seats on the EB. Any ballot that has more than four boxes checked will be void - so be careful when you vote! All ballots must be received by the auditing office (Taylor, Bilyeu & Company, in Crossville, Tennessee) NO LATER THAN 3PM TUESDAY JULY 21, 2009. After a great deal of thought, I'm voting for Eric Hecht, Blas Lugo, Mikhail Korenman, and Ruth Haring. Just my two cents worth.

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