Sunday, June 21, 2009

2009 Montreal Open Chess Championship

Here is a profile of one of the players who will playing in the 2009 Montreal Open Chess Championship: CENDRINA BILODEAU-SAVARIA One of the players is Cendrina Bilodeau-Savaria (born 2000). She doesn’t have a FIDE rating (yet), but she is an up and coming young player in Canada. Her current Canadian Chess Federation rating is 1149. In the 2008 Canadian Youth Chess Championships, Cendrina finished in second place: [1. Kelly Wang (QC) 7.0 points; 2. Cendrina Bilodeau-Savaria (QC) 6.0 points; 3. Janet Peng (ON) 3.5 points]. (Readers of this blog and Goddesschess will remember that Kelly Wang won the "Promoted Pawn" prize sponsored by Goddeschess at the 2008 Canadian Open.) Cendrina qualified for the Canadian Girls U-8 Team for the 2008 World Youth Chess Championships held in Vietnam [Team: Under 8 Girls: Kelly Wang, Cendrina Bilodeau-Savaria, Janet Peng, Christine Gao]. She finished in 32nd place in her category, with 5.5/11 out of 55 players. The Girls U-8 Canadian Team finished in 5th place overall Cendrina also played in the E Group in the 2008 Canadian Open Championships, starting as player 67 (Canadian rating 976) out of 87 players. How’d she do? She finished in 65th place with 3.5/9.


William said...

This girl was me. I found this page while looking for stuff about me and my old chess carrier...

Now I want to clarify some things, my friend.
I'm going to tell you my story!
At the age of 7 I was a very spoiled and excited child. I was always jumping around and playing and talking and all...

Well I was (obviously) all the opposite of what my dad wanted me to be!
So he made me start chess. It began a bigger and bigger thing every day, and at the end, in a day, I worked 3 hours of school job and 5 hours of chess, was doing tournaments on week-ends.

You've maybe noticed I always did good on not-so-important tournaments, but very bad in world championships and stuff.
I was a very good chess player, I just didn't handle stress well. I didn't have any self confidence and this was just too much pressure.

When I was almost 10 we moved, I stopped chess. But good for you, I might restart playing chess soon, my mom said.

I'm now 12, 13 in two weeks. I have nothing to do with that little spoiled and crazy 8 year old child I used to be. My hair's very long and I'm really too tall. I'm serious, work well, want to be a lawyer later. I've changed completely.

Jan said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by and writing your post. I don't know if you will read this. I am curious as to why you wish to be a lawyer. Perhaps being a lawyer in Canada is different than here in the USA. I could write a LOT about my experiences going to law school and practicing law for five years until I quit in absolute disgust! I'm poor today compared to what I might have been if I had continued to practice law and ended up with some big fat schmuck of a law firm, but I would not have been happy, for darn sure! I AM happy with how my life turned out overall, and that's a lot to say, I think.

I hope you will consider taking up chess again. As you are aware, it is very difficult for a female player to make a decent living as a chess "professional". Even the top female players in the world do not make a third of what the top male players do. It is unfair, rotten, stinks to High Heaven. But I do encourage girls and women to learn how to play and keep at it, because the game can and does teach one so much about many many things, not just competition and how to deal with winning or losing gracefully.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors. I would be quite happy if you stop by occasionally and drop a line here!

Jan Newton of Goddesschess

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