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Rhiannon: Goddess of Horses

By Juliette Frette'

Women's Issues Examiner
Ancient goddess spotlight: Rhiannon May 22, 4:15 PM

An equine goddess-turned-magical queen, she is unique in the sense that she is exclusively a horse deity -- while other goddesses of antiquity typically have other identities and functions. Accordingly, horse themes are very strong in Irish and Welsh mythology. As such, Rhiannon's Irish sister Macha, a transfunctional goddess spanning all possible functions of society as priestess, warrior, and nurturer, has also been represented as a horse.

Nevertheless, Rhiannon is one of a kind with the exception of one Gaulish equine goddess counterpart known as Epona -- a deity who has no other function than being the patroness of horses. Rest of article.

Stevie Nicks rocking out in 2008 at Soundstage -- I've watched lots of videos of SN performing this song over the years, with and without Fleetwood Mac, but in my opinion, this is the best one. In the performance, at age 56, Nicks personifies the ageless mystery and timeless beauty and fascination of Rhiannon.

Lyrics to Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon:

Rhiannon rings like a bell throu the night
And wouldnt you love to love her
Takes to the sky like a bird in flight
And who will be her lover
All your life you've never seen a woman
Taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven
Will you ever win

She is like a cat in the dark A
nd then she is the darkness
She rules her life like a fine skylark
And when the sky is starless
All your life you've never seen a woman
Taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven
Will you ever win
Will you ever win

[Verse sometimes added in live performances]
Once in a million years,
a lady like her rises
'Rhiannon' you cry but she's gone,
and your life knows no answer,
and your life knows no answer.

She rings like a bell throu the night
And wouldnt you love to love her
She rules her life like a bird in flight
And who will be her lover
All your life you've never seen a woman
Taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven
Will you ever win Will you ever win

Dreams unwind
Love's a state of mind...

Wikipedia entry on Rhiannon

See also Nemeton, the Sacred Grove: Rhiannon

A Cymric and Brythonic Goddess, also known as Rigantona: Great Queen, from which the image (above) was taken -- a representation of Rhiannon (or one of her birds, the "Birds of Rhiannon"), riding on the back of a horse. Many thanks to the artist who crafted it!


Unknown said...

...riga, a river in rossia/ross/
hoss. rigaredo(goth)= r/l/tlec/ga
r/l/tletl/t/do(letra)=tlecotletl(N)=rising fire, ricardo(sp). so, the riga rises/floods.
rhiannon=rigatona= tlecotonatiuh(N)=rising antonia/sun. she's a
sun goddess, the sun's charioteer.
nemeton=nemi(N)=to live, appear, nemyets(russ)=german, ton=tonatiuh(N), so, where the sun lives, or appears.
ualchiua(N)=to do, to own on
top=chi ua(N)=walsh/welch. they
were conquered/invaded 8c bc,
during the sea age, and by the looks of it, by rossia horse tribes, who were toniti sun worshippers(they always move west,
did so 22k bc to amerindia).
the old name for the volga=
rha= r/l/tla(letra)=tlatla(N)=flame, and in rh(i)annon(letra)
the name we have the word, flame,
also ra(egypt sungod). that's her, rhiannon, on her fiery steed=

Jan said...

Hola Carlos!

Can you please explain what "letra" means. That might help me understand better some of the things you have written.

If the horse tribes from the plains of central Russia arrived in Amerindia (South America?) in 22000 BCE, how did they cross the ocean if they went west?

Unknown said...

...t/l/rar/log/c, t/let/l,
tl/re(a)d/tl t/le(e)r/l/tl.
t/l/raza t/lazy. letra is
the letter code of language
based on nauatl as pie, and
using the 26letter alphabet
of europe and america and
australia. letra was developed by
following words from one language
to another and noting the letter
changes and inclusions in the different forms
of the same word, e.g.,
ago(E)=aco(N)= g/c
b(r)ach(OE)=brook, in this case,
p/b,(r)inclusion,c/ch,a/o, and,
b(r)ook=book, cf., tzopilotl
the gravettians 22k bc crossed
in light hide boats, high-sided and portaged floe to floe.
they took the solutrean point
with them.

Unknown said...

...of course there was no russia
in those days, at 22k bc or at 8c bc, what we have here are the people called the toniti by the inuit. "the people before us",
the tonatiuh. subsequent study
and chance posted with you and
matilda have discovered them as
deer culture people, we all were,
apparently, nomads in tlaloc tlaloa's kingdom, that fleeting moment after 52k bc when religion was born near the altai mts and
deer/deor/teotl was what we offered for our trespass of survival as parasites on her flank,
as europe froze, north afrika
and the mideast became wet, when
it dried out again and the drunken
rain binge of tlaloc was offer,
some of the deer tribe went to sheep, like the berber/masyes/
mazatl yectli(N)=yes deer, and
religion became scape goat, other
tribes like the massagetai went
from horse, to beeve, to dog,
later(9-12 ad)founding the christian kingdom of alania,
when another deer tribe/sun tribe,
the mongols under the khan drove them to the caucassus, then the
alans subsequent mercenary diaspora to iberia, europe,
and england, the blond race
originally by azov/lake meotis,
which began selective breeding
on three fronts, cattle, dogs, and themselves, and are still around
today looking for trouble, empire,
and the holy gravy boat. but i
digress. horse, and horse breeders
are part and parcel of these people, the blond versions are neander cross from the russian
riverine, linked to the alan/
alaua/annointed, neighbors of
the mongols, the khazars who
held allah's scimitar from
europe, even the saxons, a fighting
horse race. they all moved west,
and rigatona/rhiannon was one of
their idols, sun symbol antonia
on her horse, if it had been
many k's earlier she would have
been riding a deer, but not a sheep/xipeua(N)=to flay. tks

Unknown said...

...walcheren, island in province of zeeland, departure point for britain, goddess nehallenna=
nepa tentli/tenitl(N)=back and
forth edge/stranger. 871 ad,
according to ibn rustah, seat of
the khagan of the rus, scand norse
people, who took the northern route
through germany to avoid hungarian calvalry, 9c ad, seat/sede of harald, norse sea king. nerthus,
teutonic/teuhtli tonatiuh goddess,
celebrated at yule, varmland, sweden. nethuns(etruscan)=neptune.
walla/uallaquia(N)=arrive, double,
ne(r)pa(rus)=seal has 2 temples
on walcheren, a plaque shows her
with a basket of apples and a
sitting dog looking suspiciously
like a seal but with hind legs,
she is the provisioner, the wife
of neptune. nertha/ertha(earth
as counterpart of the sea/neptune)
has a yule bread baking ceremony,
e.g., itacatl(N)=day/journey
provisions=(hard)tack. hertha
is what gives welch it's peculiarly
teutonic structure, also it must
be true that the corgi, a herd dog
who nips hooves, was either once
a dachshund, or got the same treatment that produced them, for
the legend persists that 3k bpe/
1k bc, the queen's cardigans were
as german as she is. how's that
for historical synchronicity in
the now?
teuhtli tonatiuh riga-tona
rhiannon rings like a belle in
the twilight of early walch history.
the toniti nomads, from deer/
mazatl/7 to horse/ross/tochtli/8
to cattle/ehecatl/2 to wlacheren
to wallace, scotland, to wales.

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