Wednesday, July 28, 2010

4,000 Year Old Russian Tombs Discovered

Archeologists Discover 4000-Year-Old Tombs A sad story - unfortunately these tombs were looted.  No way of knowing what may have been removed.

Archeologists Discover 4000-Year-Old Tombs

Remnants of early people of the Neolith epoch have been discovered near Shagara Lake, Klepikov District of the Ryazan Region. The entombments are already 4 thousand years old.

Digging works go on there now. There could have been more archeological sensations there, but for the “black diggers”, researchers say.

Chisels, hatchets, scrapers, arrowheads, crocks of vessels – these things can be found nearby the graves.

Archeologists have found out big holes that adjoin the last year's archeological pits. They had been scooped mainly orthogonally, with the cultural layer spoilt and, most likely, plundered.


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